Job Opportunities at Inception Therapeutics

Scientist/Senior Scientist - Chemoproteomics

Inception Therapeutics is seeking a creative, motivated, and proficient scientist to join our team in San Diego, California. This position will be critical to creating next-generation drug discovery biotech companies, built around innovative chemo-proteomics approaches. The ideal candidate will lead the proteomics effort as a technical expert with demonstrated capabilities in utilizing high throughput and quantitative MS-based proteomics workflows.


  • Hands-on experience with proteomic techniques and workflows ranging from sample preparation, running nano liquid chromatography (nano-LC) systems/Thermo orbitrap mass spectrometry (MS) instruments and data analysis
  • Knowledge of various methods of purifying native protein complexes (affinity purification, proximity labeling, co-fractionation/co-elution/size-exclusion chromatography) in combination with MS-based proteomics is highly desired
  • Effective design of experiments, execution of automation, optimize existing sample preparation, and data acquisition methods
  • Expertise in execution of quantitative proteomics workflows (Label-free (MS1)/TMT/DIA)
  • Familiarity with the development of mass spectrometric methods based on Data-Independent Acquisition (DIA) and Parallel-Reaction Monitoring (PRM)
  • Experience in database search algorithms for proteomics (Proteome Discoverer, MaxQuant, MS Fragger, Spectronaut, DIA-NN, and Skyline)
  • Expertise in large-scale data analysis, and data integration using computation tools such as R is plus


  • A Ph.D. degree in Biochemistry, Analytical Chemistry, Molecular Biology, or related field with 5 years of postgraduate experience in MS-based proteomics
  • Proven record of a strong background in chemical biology and flavors of MS-based quantitative proteomics
  • Ability to work independently and effectively
  • Strong business ethics and an active contributor to a supportive work culture
  • Inception Therapeutics is a multi-disciplinary discovery engine partnered with Versant Ventures to build and launch transformative new biopharmaceutical companies. We are home to a dynamic team that enjoys working on cutting-edge science to meet unmet medical needs across a variety of therapeutic areas. We offer competitive compensation and excellent benefits packages.