Job Opportunities at Inception Therapeutics

Scientist, Mammalian Protein Expression and Molecular Biology

Inception Therapeutics is seeking a highly motivated Scientist to join the Biologics Discovery group.   This position will be key to the building of a novel biologics portfolio, focused on multiple innovative biotherapeutics platforms.  Responsibilities will include execution on multiple steps of protein expression for biotherapeutic leads, protein reagents, immunogens, and panning reagents, as well as the design and building of DNA constructs.  This includes expertise in mammalian tissue culture techniques using various cell lines and cell culture technologies.  The ideal candidate will be proficient in the design of optimal processes that are aligned with team material needs for quantity (milligram to gram scale) and purity.  Secondary responsibilities will include protein purification and analytics.

Job Description and Responsibilities:

  • Perform protein expression in mammalian transient and stable cell lines, from various shake flask scales to bioreactor systems
  • Perform and/or coordinate the generation of DNA constructs tailored for the expression of recombinant proteins
  • Perform quality control on plasmid expression constructs
  • Design, assess and troubleshoot cell culture and expression protocols
  • Purify and analyze recombinant proteins preparations of leads, reagents, immunogens, and panning reagents
  • Deliver cell culture supernatants and data analysis packages to project teams in a timely manner
  • Present results regularly at team meetings
  • Perform diligent and timely notekeeping and work process tracking

Required Qualifications:

  • BA/BS in Biochemistry, Biology, or related field with 7+ years of R&D experience in an industry setting, or an MS degree with 3+ years of industry experience
  • Experience in protein expression using transient and/or stable mammalian cell culture systems
  • Detailed understanding of the scientific and technological principles behind state-of-the-art protein expression systems
  • Expertise in design, execution, and troubleshooting of expression processes
  • Expertise in techniques for the monitoring of cell culture density, viability and protein titer
  • Expertise in the handling and analysis of DNA plasmid preparations
  • High proficiency with data analysis and presentation software
  • Strong written and oral communication skills
  • The ability to work closely with other group members within teams is essential
  • The individual should be scientifically creative and driven by a willingness to embrace innovation within drug discovery and an eagerness to challenge and meet aggressive timelines

Preferred Qualifications:

  • Expertise in the generation and design of plasmid constructs for expression of recombinant proteins, using cutting-edge molecular biology techniques
  • Experience and expertise in the purification and analysis of proteins is a plus


Inception Sciences is a multi-disciplinary discovery engine partnered with Versant Ventures to build and launch transformative new biopharmaceutical companies. We are home to a dynamic team that enjoys working on cutting-edge science to meet unmet medical need across a variety of therapeutic areas. Our integrated chemistry, biology and DMPK expertise and capabilities coupled with a successful track record have enabled Inception to become an established leader in new company creation. We offer competitive compensation and excellent benefits packages, as well as working in a supportive team environment. This position is located in our San Diego office. We invite you to consider a career with Inception by submitting your resume to